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96 Wyndham Street
Shepparton. VIC 3630
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Should your investment
portfolio include property?

Get all the answers during this FREE
Property Wealth Building Seminar

Through these easy to understand steps,you will learn how to implement
simple strategies to help you retire financially freeIn light of the ever-changing
global and local investment landscape, should you diversify your investment portfolio by
incorporating residential property?

As part of our commitment to keeping you informed about the latest wealth creation
opportunities, we invite you to an exclusive Sofra Partners presentation by finance expert
Terry Sofra. Using the proven property investment strategies this Webinar will show that most
investors will benefit from utilising residential property.

Terry will also discuss the tools and resources available to help you identify
and capitalise on the best opportunities available throughout Australia. This seminar is
ideal for those who already own property, and are looking to maximise wealth in a secure,
strategic manner.

Terry Sofra ACA
Taxation Specialist
Guest speaker: Terry Sofra,
Expert in property investment strategies.

Wednesday 14th November, 2012

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All Bookings will receive a free e-book.
Creating Wealth Through Property
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