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Finance - Loans & Mortgages

Our strategic alliance with the Aussie Home Loan leading group of mortgage brokers provides our clients with access to over 30 lending institutions who offer hundreds of different loan products.
With around 40% of Australian loans now sourced through mortgage brokers, the service is designed to:
 * Provide you with loan funds at interest rates lower than the ‘Major Lenders.’
 * Show you the most effective way to cut years (and tens of thousands of dollars) off your debt.
 * Ensure your loan is individually structured to meet your needs.

Our specialist finance brokers offer an obligation-free assessment of any current mortgage you may have.

As a guide, the brokers can assist you with finance applications for:
 * Home Loans
 * Refinancing
 * Commercial Loans
 * Investment Loans
 * Business Loans
 * Non-Conforming Loans
 * Lines of Credit
 * Debt Consolidation

We offer full mortgage brokering services. Our wide network of financial institutions, provide competitive finance rates. And given that we are not tied to any one lender we can shop your deal around to find a super completive rate.
What better way to pay you loans off faster.

Finance Restructuring
New and existing clients often require specific advice in relation to their situation or future plans for personal, business and investing reasons.
With the passage of time everything changes. The income of last year doesn't quite stretch to cover the expenses of this one; rising interest rates and legislative changes serve to alter your circumstances and, to a greater or lesser degree necessitate a new look at how your finances are structured and your assets protected.
For this reason, we offer the following consultation services.

Financial Health Check –
This service is an ideal step for new clients and strongly recommended if you are contemplating the establishment of a trust or company. It usually takes one to one and a half hours, during which time our highly trained consultant will work closely with you to gain an in-depth understanding of exactly how your finances are structured.
The session will:
• Identify where, from a financial aspect, you are today.
• Identify any problems with your current investing and/or structures
• Provide solutions for any problems.
• Enable you to create a detailed plan of action for future wealth creation, tax minimization and asset maximisation.
Any existing clients wanting to re-evaluate their current situation should also enroll in a Financial Health Check.

Structure Review –
Those seeking advice on their current structures or the most appropriate structure for their investing or business needs should enroll in a Structure Review.
During this consultation, the specific needs and wants of the client is assessed in line with the client's proposed investment or business plan. Any changes to existing structures or recommendation provided on new structures will include a cost versus benefit analysis so that the client, fully informed, is able to make a decision on the most appropriate course of action.

Business Review –
Those in business, seeking to buy a business or sell a business should first undertake a Business Review. During this consultation we explore the most appropriate structure to ensure asset protection for both the business and the individual.
This includes an assessment of the business and succession plan to ensure the appropriate ownership and structure provides the required flexibility for future plans. All of this results in a specific, clear cut direction for the client to travel in line with their plans.

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